Using Podcasting To Grow Your Business

Lessons Learned From 7 Years Podcasting, 1.5+ Million Downloads, and a 6-Figure, 4 Day/Week Business

A FREE "Instant Access" 90-Minute Workshop  For Therapists In Private Practice (and Therapists Turned Coaches + Consultants)

With Melvin Varghese, PhD
(Clinical Psychologist and Host of Selling The Couch,
a Top 15 New and Noteworthy, Top 30 Career, and Top 100 Business podcast in Apple Podcasts)


  • How To Record Your First Podcast Episode On A Shoestring Budget. Many new podcasters feel the pressure to buy expensive gear. We'll learn how to use budget-friendly gear to record a high-quality podcast.  I"ll share the $60 mic I used from 2015-2021 + how to position this for studio-quality sound.  


  • How To Edit Your Podcast Without Getting Overwhelmed. You don't need to be an editing expert, and I know that editing can feel really intimidating. We'll learn how to use FREE tools to edit your podcast quickly. 


  • How To Get Your Podcast and Business In front Of 100 Million Monthly Podcast Listeners (in just the U.S.!). This is the #1 mistake that new podcasters make. We'll learn how to determine what potential clients/patients/customers are searching for and put that information into your podcast file so listeners can find you and your business.


  • Tips To Generate Additional Income Through Podcasting.  Used thoughtfully, podcasting gets us out of the "trading time to create income" trap that's so easy for us as health and wellness professionals to fall into.  We'll learn some "out of the box" ways to create multiple income streams for your business via your podcast. 


  • Overview and Invitation To The Healthcasters (Including Discount Code).  An online course for therapist business owners grow their impact + income through podcasting. 


  • Giveaways For Podcasting Mics (the mic I recommend using when starting out!)

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