Behind The Scenes Of A Small Launch To A $300k Online Course

A Free Workshop For Successful Therapists In Private Practice Moving To Online Income

With Melvin Varghese, PhD
(Clinical Psychologist, Founder Of Selling The Couch, Course Creator Since 2015 - Healthcasters Podcasting Course)


  • 5 Key Steps To Take Your Online Course From An Idea To Generating Income. We'll learn how to build your course layer by layer so that it has a solid foundation for future growth + expansion. 


  • Mel's Top Gear and Software Recommendations. You don't need crazy expensive gear to create an online course.  Instead, we'll learn how to use quality (and inexpensive) gear and software to create your online course. 


  • How To Validate Your Online Course And Have Buyers Pay BEFORE Actually Creating The Course. This is the #1 mistake that new online course creators make. We'll learn a simple yet powerful method to have folks purchase before creating your online course. 


  • Top 3 Mistakes I've Made With My Online Course.  Even though we've grown to over 270 students since 2015, I've made a ton of mistakes with my online course.  I'll share the top 3 that I made. This way you can learn and avoid them! 


  • Overview and Invitation To STC Elite.  Elite is a mastermind for therapist course creators.  You'll be joined by other therapists and therapists turned coaches/consultants creating, growing, and scaling their online courses.


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